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[GEN/Result]How to Determine the Maximum or Minimum Value of a Reaction or Member Force (Envelope)


I want to know the maximum or minimum value of a reaction force or a member force. Is there an easy way to do this?



You can use the Envelope function when creating load combinations to find the maximum, minimum, and absolute maximum values for each analysis result.

[Image-1] You can automatically create Envelope load combinations using the [General] tab
[Image-2] Envelope load combinations will appear at the bottom of the load combination list (Name: ~ENV_)
[Image-3] You can select and check the desired Envelope load combination in the Results menu
[Note] Load combinations in the General tab are for user reference purposes. Code design and code checks are performed using the load combinations in the respective material tabs.

[Image-1] Create Envelope Load Combinations

[Image-2] Check Envelope Load Combinations

[Image-3] Utilize Envelope Load Combinations

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