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[GEN/Result]The Meaning of Values Displayed in the Right Legend when Legend and Contour are Selected in Vibration Mode Shapes


After performing an eigenvalue analysis, I would like to compare the values that appear when the "Legend" is activated in Results > Vibration Mode Shapes, the values that appear when "Value" is activated, and the values that appear in Results > Result Tables > Vibration Mode Shape.



When you check only "Legend" in the dialog box, the displayed values represent the mass participation by direction and the natural frequencies of the structure. When you check "Value," it corresponds to the vibration mode.

Firstly, when you execute Results > Mode Shapes > Vibration Mode Shapes from the Main menu, you will see a window like Image-1 below

[Image-1] Vibration Mode Shapes(Legend Checked)

Comparing the values that appear in Results > Result Tables > Vibration Mode Shapes, you will notice that they match.

[Image-2] Results > Result Tables > Vibration Mode Shapes

When you activate both Legend and Contour, the values on the right represent vibration modes.

[Image-3] When Both Legend and Contour Are Checked

Figure 3 shows a contour plot of the vibration modes. The color-coded contours on the right show the different vibration modes.
For a more precise examination, if you click "Value" on the left, you can examine the vibration modes point by point.

Let's compare point 429 from Image-3

[Image-4] Vibration Mode in X-Direction for Point 429

[Image-5] Records Activation Dialog Box (Right-click menu in the table)

[Image-6] Eigenvalue Mode

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