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[GEN/Result]Where is the Mxx Value Displayed on an Element in Plate Forces & Moments Measured?


In Plate Forces & Moments, where are the Mxx values shown for an element: at the center of the plate element or at each of the vertices? [when Force Options is Element and Value Option is Max]



Mxx in Plate Forces & Moments displays the maximum value of Mxx per unit length at each intersection of the plate element. [If Element is an option]

For example, let's consider the case of a slab with a concentrated load applied at the center column. The table below shows the moment per unit length at each corner point (5, 64, 95, 75) of element 4.
As you can see in the table, the value displayed for Mxx at the element's center corresponds to the maximum moment per unit length among all the corner points of the element.


                                       [Image-1] Slab Shape (nodes and element numbers)                                      [Image-2] Load Action Location

[Image-3] Bending moment (Mxx) per unit length of Plate - for Element option

[Image-4] Bending moment (Mxx) per unit length of element 4 : Results>Results Tables>Plate Force(Unit:Length)

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