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[GEN/Load]How to Create Seismic Waves for Time History Analysis


I'm going to do a time history analysis by manually entering seismic waves. How do I create seismic waves in GEN?



A big feature of the GEN programme is its compatibility with Excel data. So, if you have data, you can enter values from Excel data, or use data conversion.


Here's how to do it

1. How to directly copy and enter values for time and acceleration from an Excel file

[Image] Case of copying values directly from an Excel file


2. How to create and input *.sgs files

1) Clean the data in the excel file: leaving only those for time and acceleration, delete all values.

2) Save the excel file as: Save the extension as *.CSV

3) Rename the extension: Change the extension to *.dbs.

4) Run the SGS programme (located in the GEN folder) to import the dbs file and save the sgs file: In the graph function you want to create, import the dbs file created in step (3) above (generate>Import) and save it as an sgs file.

5) Import the sgs file in the GEN programme.

[Image] Time and acceleration values from an excel file


[Image] Run the SGS Program


[Image] Earthquake Record


[Image] Case of importing SGS file

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