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[GEN/Result]Difference Between Exact and 5Points in Beam Diagram Output


Why does the Beam Diagram appear jagged and broken like steps?



The figure shown above is a result of selecting '5Points' in the Beam Diagram dialog box's Display Option.

[Image-1] Beam Diagram Dialog Box

The '5Points' option represents the member forces by connecting the analysis points at positions that divide the element length into four equal parts, including both nodes, with straight lines. If you select 'Exact,' you will see a curved diagram.

'Exact' provides an accurate member force diagram for the entire length of the beam element, including both nodes, through a detailed analysis process. Please note that the 'Exact' option is only applicable to linear static analysis, so it will be disabled if you choose moving load analysis, nonlinear analysis conditions, or envelope conditions.

[Image-2] Scale : 3

The options 'No Fill,' 'Line Fill,' and 'Solid Fill' represent how the diagram is displayed. 'No Fill' displays the member force diagram with only the outline, 'Line Fill' fills the interior with lines, and 'Solid Fill' uses solid coloring.

                   [Image] No Fill                                                   [Image] Line Fill                                             [Image] Solid Fill

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