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[GEN/Query] How to Measure the Distance between two Nodes


How do I measure arbitrary intercept coordinates or distances between nodes in my modeling?



Query > Query Node... function allows you to get single node information (node number, coordinates) and information between two nodes.

In other words, if you click on two points continuously as shown below, you can see the distance between them in Distances in the Message Window.

For example) If you clicked on the nodes 4127 and 4131 continuously
Nodes : Node number
Coordinates : Node Coordinate Information
Distances From node 4127 : Distance from 4127 (the last clicked node)
7.4713811 : Absolute distance from node 4127
DX, DY, DZ : Difference in distance in the X, Y, and Z axes from point 4127.

[Image-1] Message Window

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