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[GEN/Load]Can I Apply Floor Load only to a Specific Area of the Plate Element?


Can I enter a pressure load into some areas of a plate element?



The Plane Load function allows you to enter a pressure load on a plate element or part of a solid element.

In addition, you can enter a pressure load of a user-defined shape, as shown in the image below, at a specific location on the plate element.

This function is useful when loads with a specific shape, such as equipment loads, are applied to multiple locations.

After defining the shape and size of the load in Define Plane Load Type, specify where the load is to be placed in Assign Plane Loads.


Plane Load allows you to freely define the shape of the load regardless of whether the element is partitioned.

This is very convenient as you are not constrained by the need to determine the location of nodal points during the modelling process by taking into account the load load.

The input load is converted into a nodal load at adjacent nodes based on the stiffness of the element.

As shown in the image below, Pressure Load applies the load to the entire element, while Plane Load can be applied in any shape, regardless of the element division.


[Image] Pressure Load                                                   [Image] Plane Load



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