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[Gen/Seismic Evaluation]When Some Members' Results Are Missing in the Performance Evaluation Result Table


After pushover analysis using the Seismic Performance Evaluation option, the result value of some members is not displayed in the Performance Evaluation Result table.



There can be various reasons for Pushover analysis not generating results in the seismic performance evaluation module. Here are some possible causes and their corresponding solutions

1. Main Menu > Seismic Evaluation Tab > Main control Panel > Concrete Material Click
In the dialog box that appears, ensure that the material information is set to "In" when performing the 2nd step evaluation using the seismic performance evaluation option.

[Image-1] Concrete Material

After modifying it in the Concrete Material dialog box, you can check the result on the RC Performance Table.

2. When changing the target performance level, the material information changes from "In" to "-".
If you use the Seismic Performance Evaluation option to analyze Pushover, be sure to check the Concrete Material dialog box.

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