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[GEN/Pushover]When Clicking on a Hinge Assigned to an Element, an Error Message Saying that the Rebar Information is Inappropriate Appears


When I check Show Assigned Hinge Data in the Define Pushover Hinge Type/Properties dialog box and then click on a hinge assigned to a member, I get the error message "Rebar information is inadequate for Pushover Hinge Property calculation". What is the cause of this error?

[Image 1] Error Message



The method for assigning Pushover hinge properties to elements depends on the material of the element. The error message you mentioned appears when there is no rebar information for rebar concrete elements.

Here are the methods for assigning hinge properties to elements based on material

1. For steel elements, you can calculate the section's performance using section properties (cross-sectional properties), material properties (elastic modulus, etc.), and element properties (length of the element). Even if it's not a designed element, as long as the analysis is performed, hinge information can be automatically assigned.

2. For reinforced concrete elements, you can calculate the section's performance only when you have input rebar information as a result of structural design. There are two methods for inputting rebar information: you can either use the "Update Rebar" button in the design dialog to input it automatically, or you can manually input the rebar data using the "Modify Rebar Data" dialog.

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