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[GEN/Pushover]What Components Should Be Set When Defining Hinge Property for Beams, Columns, and Walls?


I am trying to Pushover analyze a model consisting of beams, columns, and walls.

What are the main considerations when setting up Pushover hinges for these elements?



The main considerations for setting up a pushover hinge are the same as the kinds of member forces you would consider when designing a member.

For beams, design typically involves moments and shear forces, and the failure history depends on the magnitude of these forces. When performing nonlinear analysis, moments and shear forces are crucial for beams, so you should primarily consider these factors when setting up hinge types.

Columns and walls have a significant relationship between axial forces and moments (P-M relationship), which plays a crucial role in the behavior and design of these elements. Therefore, you should primarily consider this relationship when setting up hinge types for columns and walls.

[Image 1] Pushover Hinge Settings

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