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Tendon Time-dependent Loss Graph


  • Effective prestressing forces in tendons may be produced in the form of graphs or animations for each construction stag/step. Instantaneous Prestress Loss and Time-dependent Prestress Loss may be reviewed.



From the main menu, select [Results] tab > [Type : Bridge Specialization] > [Graph] group > [Tendon Loss Graph]



Results-Bridge-Tendon time dependent loss graph.png

Tendon : Select the tendon for which the effective prestresses will be produced.

Stage : Construction stage.

Step : Step if defined.

Animate : The change of prestressing forces over the entire construction stages is sequentially produced for the selected tendon.

NOTE.png The instantaneous prestress loss represents the difference between the prestressing force at the time of tensioning the tendon and the prestressing force in the tendon in the immediately subsequent construction stage. However, no external forces shall be applied at that construction stage.

Context Menu

Right-click on the Graph displayed on the screen to prompt the following Context Menu:

Results-Bridge-Tendon time dependent loss graph 1.png

Save Graph As Image

Save the graph in the graphic file format of BMP, JPG or EMF.

Save Graph As Text

Save the graph in the format of a text file.

Print Graph

Print the graph.

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