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  • Check the cable efficiency in a spreadsheet table format.



From main menu, select [Results] tab > [Results Tables] group >[Cable] > Resut_Tables_Cable.png [Cable Efficiency]



Cable > Efficiency 기능을 실행하면 Records Activation Dialog가 호출되고 여기에서 출력대상 절점과 요소, 하중조건, 시공단계 등을 선택한 후 OK 버튼을 클릭합니다. Cancel 을 클릭하면 모든 대상에 대하여 테이블을 출력하며, 경우에 따라서는 상당한 시간이 소요될 수 있습니다.

NOTE.png Refer to Results Table of "Usage of Table Tool" for a description on how to use the Records Activation Dialog.

Refer to Usage of Table Tool and check the following data:

Elem : ID number of elements

Node I : Node ID number at Section I

Node J : Node ID number at Section J

Load : Load condition

Chord Length : Length of the chord

E x A : Axial rigidity (Modulus of elasticity) x (cross-sectional area of the cable)

Weight : Total weight of the cable

Tension : Cable tension

E x A (mod) : Modified axial rigidity, x Modulus of elasticity x cross-sectional area of the cable

Efficiency : Cable efficiency



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