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Buckling Mode Shape Result Table


  • Arrange the results of a buckling analysis of the model (critical buckling coefficients, etc.). Check the buckling vectors in a spreadsheet format table.
  • Table Tool in midas Civil offers a variety of powerful built-in functions. Refer to Usage of Table Tool for detail directions:



From the main menu, select  [Results] tab > [Type : Analysis result] > [Table] group > [Results Tables] > [Buckling Mode Shape]



When the Buckling Mode Shape Table function is executed, the "Records Activation Dialog" is called. Here, you select the output targets such as nodes and elements, load conditions, and eigenmode shapes, and then click the OK button. If you click Cancel, the table will be generated for all targets, and depending on the case, it may take a considerable amount of time.

NOTE.png Refer to Results Table of "Usage of Table Tool" for the usage of Records Activation Dialog.


Results-tables-buckling mode shpae.png

Critical buckling coefficients from the summary table

Check the critical buckling coefficients from the summary table of the buckling analysis results shown in the figure.

Reselect 'Active by Buckling Mode...' in Context Menu and assign the desired mode to check the buckling mode vectors.

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