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Effective Span Length Result Table


  • Print Effective Span Length and Impact Factor computed with the additional impact factor auto calculation.
  • This result will be provided when the moving load analysis as per Korea is performed.


Auto Calculation feature 


From the main menu, select  [Results] tab > [Type: Analysis result] > [Table] group > [Results Tables] >  [Effective Span Length]



Element: Element to enter the impact factor

Lane: Lane that a unit load is to be imposed on when an influence line is created.

Parts: Location where internal forces are printed at

My_max ~ Fx_min: The length(range) of distributed loads that generates the maximum internal forces, the Impact Factor that represents the most adverse condition among many cases of member forces, One that is used in the final calculation of Impact Factor is indicated in Red color.

Impact Factor: Impact Factor that is computed using Effective Span Length.

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