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Time History Analysis Result Tables Created Edited

Beam Force Result Table


  • Beam element forces of time history analysis results are tabulated in a Spread Sheet format.
  • Table Tool in midas Civil offers a variety of powerful built-in functions. Refer to Usage of Table Tool for detail directions:



From the main menu, select [Results] tab > [Type : Time History Analysis] > [Table] group > [Result Tables] > [Time History Analysis] > [Beam Force]



When the Beam Force function is executed, the "Records Activation Dialog" is called. Here, you select the element numbers, load conditions, output locations for element forces, etc., and then click the OK button.

NOTE.png Refer to Results Table of "Usage of Table Tool" for the usage of Records Activation Dialog.

Please refer to the usage instructions of Table Tool to check the following data.

Results-tables-time history analysis-beam force.png

Beam Force Tables

Elem : Element number

Load : Output condition for time history analysis results

Max : Maximum value (+)

Min : Minimum value (-)

All : Absolute maximum value

Part : Beam element location at which member forces are produced

Force : The maximum/minimum member axial forces occurred in the corresponding element.

     Axial : Axial force in ECS x-direction

Shear - y : Shear force in ECS y- direction

Shear - z : Shear force in ECS z- direction

Torsion : Torsional moment about ECS x-axis

Moment - y : Bending moment about ECS y-axis

Moment - z : Bending moment about ECS z-axis

Time/Step : Time at which the member force occurred

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