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Initial Element Force Result Table


  • Check the internal member forces in the structure due to external loads, in a spreadsheet format table. The member forces are calculated using Initial Force Control Data.
  • The Table Tool in midas Civil is a powerful and versatile feature that comes with various functions. For detailed instructions on how to use the Table Tool, please refer to the Table Tool's user manual.



From main menu, select [Results] tab > [Type : Analysis result] > [Table] group > [Results Tables] > [Initial Element Force]



Results-tables-Initial element force.png

Member Nodal Force - i

Member forces at the I-End of an element

Member Nodal Force - j

Member forces at the J-End of an element

Axial: Axial force

Shear(y) : Shear force in the local y-direction of an element

Shear(z) : Shear force in the local z-direction of an element

Torsion : Torsional moment about the local x-axis of an element

Moment(y) : Bending moment about the local y-axis of an element

Moment(z) : Bending moment about the local z-axis of an element

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