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Pushover Text


  • Produce text files for pushover analysis results. Maximum/minimum values may be selectively produced.



From the main menu, select [Pushover] tab > [Text] group > [Pushover Text]



Pushover-pushover results-pushover text.png

Output Type Selection

Select the text output method.

Step : Total pushover analysis results with maximum/minimum values

Maximum & Minimum : Maximum/minimum values only

Output Step

From ~ To : Specifies the range of steps to output as text.

At every : Enter the step interval.

Node Selection

Enter the node number which will be produced.

User Input : Enter the node number

Selected Node in View : Use the selected nodes in the model window.

Reference Point

Select a reference point for displacement when Node Result is selected.

Ground : Select the ground as the reference point.(Outputs the displacement of nodes based on the total displacement)

Another Node : Select another node as the reference point.

Pushover Load Case

Select a pushover load case for the pushover analysis results which are to be produced.

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