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Limiting Slenderness Ratio


  • Use this function to enter the limiting slenderness ratios for members subjected to axial compressive and tensile forces.



From the main menu, select [Rating] tab > [Type : Steel Bridge] > [Rating Input Data] group > [Rating Parameters] > [Limmiting Slenderness Ratio]



First, select the members in the model and enter the following.

Rating-Common Parameters-Limiting slenderness ratio table.png

Limiting Slenderness Ratio dialog box

Limiting Slenderness Ratio

Enter the limiting slenderness ratios.


Limiting slenderness ratio for members under axial compression [Default = 200] 

Tension Member

Limiting slenderness ratio for members under axial tension [Default = 300] 

Do not Check

Select this item if the limiting slenderness ratios (KL/r) are of no interest. If selected, design results reflecting the slenderness effects are not produced.

Apply : Apply the entered values to the selected members.

Close : Close the entry Dialog Bar.

NOTE.png Apply selectively according to the axial force (tension, compression) acting in the member's local x-direction. When the limiting slenderness ratios are not entered, the following default values are applied.

Compression Member = 200
Tension Member = 300

When the values of the limiting slenderness ratios are repeatedly entered for the same member, the values will be updated to the last values entered. The entered values for the limiting slenderness ratios can be reviewed in the data table arranged in the order of element numbers. The user may Modify/Add and Delete items in the data table.

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