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  • Select options for displaying Tree View, Massage Window (Command Line) and Status Bar on the screen, and setup detailed options for Tool Bar.
  • Assign Shortcut Keys to frequently used functions, or modify/delete them.
  • Additionally, the menu in the toolbar is organized to facilitate easy access to frequently used functions for both novice and expert users, based on the user's program proficiency. It is categorized into Novice and Expert, allowing novice users to easily apply the menu to their projects.



From main menu, select [Tool] tab > [Costomize] group > [Costomize] > Customize.png [Tree View]

From main menu, select [Tool] tab > [Costomize] group > [Costomize] > Customize.png [Command Line]

From main menu, select  [Tool] tab > [Costomize] group > [Costomize] > Customize.png [Status Bar]

From main menu, select [Tool] tab > [Costomize] group > [Costomize] > Customize.png [Tool Bar]

From main menu, select [Tool] tab > [Costomize] group > [Costomize] > Customize.png [Shortcut Keys]

From main menu, select [Tool] tab > [Costomize] group > [Costomize] > Customize.png [Change Toolbar Layout -> Novice/Expert]



Toolbars dialog box


Here is a list of available toolbars. The toolbar marked with '' will be activated in the model window.


Closes the Toolbar dialog.


Creates a new toolbar.

Enter the name of the toolbar and click the OK button to activate a new toolbar with the specified name in the model window. You can edit the icons that belong to the new toolbar in the Customize dialog's Commands tab.


Edits the content of the toolbar by selecting the toolbar in the Categories of the Commands tab and dragging the icons displayed in the Buttons section to the existing or newly created toolbar area.


Resets the changes made to the default toolbar in midas Civil, restoring it to its original state.

Show Tooltips

Selects whether to apply the feature that displays an icon description when hovering the mouse cursor over the icon.

Cool Look

Changes the appearance of the icons' outlines on the workspace.

Large Button

Enlarges the size of the icons.

Shortcut Keys

Select the group of functions that you want to add or modify shortcuts for from the registered function groups in the menu bar.


The submenu of the selected group in the Category section is listed in order. Select the function for which you want to add or modify a shortcut.

Assigned shortcuts

Lists the shortcuts assigned to the selected function.

Press new shortcut keys

Enter the desired shortcut keys on the keyboard to register. If the shortcut is already assigned, the name of the registered function will be displayed in the lower window.

Assign : Register the entered shortcut keys.

Remove : Delete the assigned shortcut keys for the specified function.

Rest All : Restore to the default shortcut keys.

NOTE.png When assigning a shortcut key, the use of a single character or in combination with the [Alt] key may not operate properly depending on the working circumstances. It is thus recommended that combinations be used in conjunction with [Ctrl], [Shift], [Ctrl]+[Alt], [Ctrl]+[Shift], etc. The numbers on the Numerical Pad to the right side of the keyboard are recognized as different characters rather than general numbers. The registered (customized) shortcut keys may not operate properly if they conflict with those of the operating system.

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