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[Civil] 2021 v1.1 Release Note V900

Enhancements in Civil 2021 (v1.1)

1. Automatic Generation of Moving Train Loads for Dynamic Analysis

2. Debonded Length of Pretensioned Beam

3. Correction of Tendon Force/Stress within Transfer Length of Pretensioned Beams

4. Moving Load Analysis including Centrifugal Force Effects to AASHTO LRFD

5. Update to CS 454 revision 1 for the UK Bridge Assessment

6. Application of Combined Special Vehicle and ALL model 1 for CS 454 Assessment

7. Separate the Results of Combined Vehicles for CS 454 Assessment

8. Pretensioned Beam Design at Transfer to AS 5100.5

9. Transmission Zone Design of Pretensioned Beam to AS 5100.5

10. Crack control for the Slab of PSC Composite Girder to AS 5100.5

11. Joint Check of Segmental Construction to BS 5400.4

12. Response Spectrum Function : IRC SP 114:2018

13. Auto Temperature Gradient as per IRC 6:2017

14. Improvement in Auto Load Combinations as per IRC 6:2017

15. Update in General Section Designer as per IRS Specifications


Please refer to the attached revision note file (Civil2021v1.1_Release Note) for detailed information.


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