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Download, Install and Run Created Edited

User Preparation

System Review

Refer to the system requirements and check if your computer meets the minimum system requirements.
Download and install the version that corresponds to your computer's operating system (32-bit or 64-bit).

Installing and using a 32-bit program on a 64-bit operating system is possible, but it is not recommended.
Check your operating system and download the appropriate version for your system.

The system requirements specify the minimum and recommended specifications for your computer. It is recommended to use a system that meets or exceeds the recommended specifications for smooth program usage.


Preparing MIDAS User Account

MIDAS program operates through web authentication via the internet.
Therefore, to smoothly use the MIDAS program and technical services, it is essential to register on the MIDAS Members site.

MIDAS Members Site Usage Guide

MIDAS Members site provides functionalities such as membership registration, withdrawal, information modification, and contract information verification. Using the registered ID and password, you can authenticate the MIDAS program or access all technical documents and services on this site (technical service site).

If access to the external internet is restricted due to internal security measures or if there are uncertainties in the internet environment, especially during business trips to regions with unreliable internet access, you can request support through a separate inquiry.


Installation Preparation

Before installing the program, it is advisable to check the following

1. Obtaining Administrator Privileges

Obtain administrator privileges for the computer you are trying to install. For personal computers, you can usually skip this step

If you are using a computer on an enhanced internal security network, check with your internal IT team to obtain the local user management rights you need to install new software on that computer.

- You can check the presence of administrator privileges in Control Panel > User Accounts > User Account Management.

2. Install Windows updates, disable antivirus and firewall, and close any related applications

Windows updates are a good way to address security issues and system errors on your computer.

Determining a direct association between the failure of program installation and a specific Windows update can be challenging. However, through Windows updates, overall system security issues and error improvements may lead to the normalization of computer status.

During program installation, there may be registry additions and modifications, and utilization of system folders/files associated with essential components.
In such cases, temporarily disabling antivirus and firewall can resolve the issue during installation.

During the installation process of some MIDAS programs that integrate with other products like MS-Office, it's recommended to close other running applications, as they may interfere with the installation.


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