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[CIVIL] 2020 v3.1 Release Note v895

Enhancements in CIVIL 2020 (v3.1)

1. Batch Edit of Tendon Profile

2. Thickness Data of Plane Strain Element

3. Auto-generation of Tendon Profile – Italy Precast Section Types

4. Geometric Nonlinear Construction Stage Analysis with Plate Elements

5. Set-Back for Saddle of Suspension Bridge

6. Concurrent Forces of Beam Elements for Time History Analysis

7. Rail traffic loads to AS 5100.2

8. Heavy Load Platform to AS 5100.2

9. Rating Vehicles to AS 5100.2

10. Horizontal Traffic Loads to AS 5100.2

11. Rating Vehicles to CS 454 

12. Prestressed Girder Design to BS 5400

13. Improvement of Bridge Assessment to CS 454

14. AASHTO LRFD 8th Design Standard – PSC/Composite Section, RC Section

15. AASHTO LRFD 8th Design Standard – Steel Composite Section

16. AASHTO LRFD 8th Load Combination – Auto Generation

17. Orthogonal effect of Seismic Load: AASHTO LRFD

18. RC Design as per IRS specifications

19. Polish Design Report


Please refer to the attached revision note file (CIVIL2020v3.1_Release Note) for detailed information.


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