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[CIVIL] 2022 v1.1 Release Note v910

Enhancements in CIVIL 2022 (v1.1)

1. UK CS 454 Bridge Assessment for Steel Composite Girder

2. UK High-Speed Train Loads Database for Train Load Generator

3. Train Load Generator Time Forcing Function Improvement

4. AS 5100.5:17 Update for GSD

5. Italy NTC 2018 RS function

6. Auto-generation of Beam Section Temperature Loads (AASHTO, Eurocode, Australia)

7. Load Rating LRFR 2019 Update to AASHTO MBE 3rd edition

8. Traffic Load AK, N11 Update to Russia Standard

9. Longitudinal Stiffener Input Measured from Bottom of Steel Composite Girder


Please refer to the attached revision note file (CIVIL2022v1.1_Release Note) for detailed information.


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