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[Authentication] How to authenticate nGEN license


I'm curious about the method for authenticating the nGEN license.



There are two methods for authenticating the MIDAS program: "Web Authentication," which is used when the internet is connected, and "Hardware Lock Authentication," which involves inserting a USB device into the main body of the computer for authentication.

The two authentication methods are selected at the time of product purchase, and you need to proceed with the authentication method accordingly when using the program. The step-by-step process for each authentication method is provided below, so please refer to it and proceed with the authentication.


1. Run 'Register Protection License' 

After running the nGEN, click on the 'License' icon located in the top left corner of the screen, and then select 'Register Protection License' to proceed.


2. After selecting the authentication method, proceed with the authentication process

After selecting the authentication method at the top of the active 'Register Protection License' window, proceed with the authentication process.


  • Web Authentication

1) Select [Web Authentication].

2) Enter the 'User ID / Password / PK' in the 'License Authentication' section.

3) Click the [Lock Option Configuration] button.

4) In the active 'Program Licensing Configuration' window, select the desired product.

5) Click the [Update] button at the bottom of the 'Program Licensing Configuration' window.

6) Check if the desired options are selected, then click the [V] button at the bottom of the window.

7) Click the [V] button at the bottom of the 'Register Protection License' window.




  • Hardware Lock

1) Insert the Hardware Lock to the main body.

2) Select [Other Type].

3) Enter the 'Key Number' in the 'License Authentication' section.

4) Click the [V] button at the bottom of the 'Register Protection License' window.



If you do not want to see the 'Register Protection License' window every time you run nGEN, you can check on 'Do not display this dialog at startup' at the bottom of the 'Register Protection License' window.

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