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[CIVIL] What are the different displacement options given in CIVIL?

Different types of deflections could be checked in the construction stages under the deformed shape & deflection contour options.
Case 1: Without any options checked on.  This is the net deflection.
Case 2: Current step Disp checked on> This is the deflection in the structure JUST due to the load activated at that particular step.  A construction stage may have many user-defined steps.  The default ones are the First and Last steps representing the start and end steps of the construction stage.
Case 3: Stage/Step Real Disp. checked on > This gives the tangential displacement mostly used for erected/ segmental types of constructions, i.e., match face erection.
For more details please refer to the following screenshot from the online help manual.
Case 4: Including Camber Displ. > We can provide the pre-camber as user input and this is added to the calculated displacement to obtain the final displacements in the structure at any step.
The pre-camber can be provided under the Load > Construction stage > Camber for C.S.
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