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[CIM/Construction] Can you calculate only the area of a specific part of an object?


I need to calculate the waterproofing area on the outside of the tunnel, but the Surface object does not allow quantity calculation. Is there a way to model it in 3D and extract the area on only one side?



The Surface object has limitations on quantity calculation because it cannot input field values. Therefore, I recommend modeling the waterproofing in 3D and then extracting the area on the outside of the object. Please follow the steps below.


1. Use the Offset function to create a thin thickness waterproofing User Section. Since we will only extract the outer surface, the thickness doesn't matter. (In this example, I used a 10mm thickness.)

Figure 1. Creating User Section

2. Work on this section and assign it to the Library you are working on. In the example, it is highlighted in blue for easy identification.
(The right side is a screen with the shotcrete object hidden.)

Figure 2. Assigned to the Library

3. Check if the waterproofing object is assigned in Base Mode.

Figure 3. Base Mode

4. Click [Application] tab > [Construction] to enter Construction Mode, then select the waterproofing object.

5. Click the Area button in the Property window, and while holding the Ctrl key, select all the outer surfaces.

Figure 4. Selecting the object for quantity calculation

After completing these settings, you can proceed with quantity calculation to calculate the area of the waterproofing.


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