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[CIM/Infor-Base] The Skew value is not reflected in the Layout / Assigning Assembly Unit is not possible in the Layout with Skew.


I entered a Skew value in the Layout and clicked OK, but an error occurred.



The reason why Skew does not work on the Assembly Unit assigned to the alignment is that the sub-objects are unable to maintain the required length due to Skew.

For example, if the Skew at the start and end points is different, the lengths of each girder path will differ as shown in the diagram below.

Figure 1. Path with different Skew at the start and end points (plan view)

If an object is assigned to the Assembly Unit at the position (7m) on the bottom line in the above diagram, Skew will not be reflected.


1. Rigid Paths exceeding 7m
   : Rigid Paths are not assigned if they cannot secure the specified length because they have a fixed length.

2. Constraint Point/Plane (By distance) created at a point exceeding 7m
   : Since 'By distance' defines the distance from a specific point, it will not be assigned if it cannot manitain that distance.

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