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[CIM] Some objects assigned to Layout do not appear. (Constraint Array Point)


Some of the Point Libraries assigned to the Constraint Array Point are not assigned to the alignment.



Please check the Minimum Clearance property of the Constraint Array Point.

 When repeatedly placing the same object in CIM, the Constraint Array Point is mainly used. The Arrangement property of the Constraint Array Point determines the spacing between the objects, while the Minimum Clearance property determines the start and end points of the arrangement. 

 In this case, note that when assigning a library using Constraint Array Point to a curved alignment, some objects may not be assigned depending on the Minimum Clearance value.

Let's understand this with an example:

1. Create a Main Constraint Path in the y-axis direction of the Default Constraint Path, 10m and -10m from the 30m length Assembly Unit Mode.

Figure 1. Create Main Constraint Path

2. Create a Constraint Array Point on the created Main Constraint Path as follows:
    (Arrangement: Pattern Spacing 5m, Minimum Clearance - Start Point: 0m / End Point: 5m)

Figure 2. Create Constraint Array Point

3. Assign Point Library objects to the created Array Point and save the Assembly Unit Mode. Then, create a 30m curved layout in Base Mode and assign the Assembly Unit.

Figure 3. Appearance of the assigned Assembly Unit in the Layout
(The inner part of the Layout does not accommodate the last object)

 As in Figure 3, the Main Constraint Path placed on the inside of the curved alignment becomes shorter than the 30m set in the Assembly Unit.

Therefore, the location where the last object is placed is not assigned because it falls within the End Point of the Minimum Clearance set in the Constraint Array Point of 5m.

In such a case, changing the Minimum Clearance value allows you to assign all objects.

Figure 4. Distance between Array Points in the Layout


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