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Time History Analysis Result Tables Created Edited

Displ./Vel./Accel.(Concurrent) Result Table


  • The user can check the concurrent displacements/velocity/acceleration at the same time step in a spreadsheet table format. Concurrent results can be calculated for linear/nonlinear time history analysis.
  • If the user selects a group of nodes from the Define Concurrent Result Groups menu to calculate the concurrent results during time history analysis, this table will display the concurrent results of the nodes for the same node group.
  • Table Tool in midas Civil offers a variety of powerful built-in functions. Refer to Usage of Table Tool for detail directions:



From the main menu, select [Results] > [Result Tables] > [Time History Analysis] > [Disp / Vel / Accel (Concurrent)]



When the user invokes the Concurrent Joint Force table, the following table will display.

Group : Name of the node Group.

Load : Time history load case.

Node : Node numbers of master node and sub nodes belonging to the same node group.

DX, DY, DZ, RX, RY, RZ : Components of displacement/velocity/acceleration of the nodes.

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