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Pushover Hinge Result Tables Created Edited

Beam Summary


  • Check hinge status of beam elements resulting at each pushover step in a spreadsheet format table.
  • Table Tool in midas offers a variety of powerful built-in functions. Refer to the Usage of Table Tool for detailed information.



From the main menu, select [Pushover] tab > [Table] Group > [Result  Tables] > [Beam Summary]



Upon executing the Beam Summary function, the Records Activation Dialog is invoked. Click OK after selecting the output entities such as load cases, pushover steps, etc.


Deform : Total deformation (Elastic deformation + Plastic Deformation)

D/D1 : Ratio of the total deformation to the 1st yielding deformation

D/D2 : Ratio of the total deformation to the 2nd yielding deformation

P1 : 1st yielding strength

P2 : 2nd yielding strength

D1 : 1st yielding deformation or strain

D2 : 2nd yielding deformation or strain

NOTE.png Each component (Dx, Dy, Dz, Rx, Ry & Rz) is separately displayed in each tab. For PMM type, yield moment for each step due to P-M interaction can be checked in the table.

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