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Pushover Hinge Result Tables Created Edited

Chord Rotation Check


  • Check the chord rotation resulting at each pushover step in a spreadsheet format table.
  • Table Tool in midas offers a variety of powerful built-in functions. Refer to the Usage of Table Tool for detailed information.




From the main menu, select [Pushover] tab > [Table] group > [Result Tables] > [Chord Rotation Check]



New for Civil 2013

Upon executing the Chord Rotation Check function, the Records Activation Dialog is invoked. Click OK after selecting the output entities such as load cases, pushover steps, etc.

θpd : Plastic Rotation Demand (Plastic Deformation x Lp)

L : Length from hinge location to the contraflexure point

   - When Integration Point is “End” : M / V

   - When Integration Point is “Center” : M / V – Lp / 2

Lp : Hinge Length

θy : Yield Rotation (CRC1.jpg)

Фy : Yield Curvature

Фu : Ultimate Curvature (Yield Curvature x D/DY of Point C)

θpu : Plastic Rotation Capacity (CRC2.jpg)

μD : Ductility Demand (CRC3.jpg)


NOTE.png Chord Rotation Check Table is generated in the following pushover hinge types only.

          - Element Type : Beam/Column

          - Material Type : RC / SRC (encased)

          - Definition : Moment – Curvature (M-Ф Lumped) with Consider Hinge Length option

          - Skeleton Curve : GSD Import Type

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