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Longitudinal Stiffener of Box Section


  • Enter the spacings and size of transversal/longitudinal stiffeners for box sections (refer to Note 1).



From main menu, select [Design] tab > [Type : Steel Design] > [Design Input Data] group > [Design Parameters] > [Longitudinal Stiffener of Box Section]



First, select the members in the model and enter the following:


Select Add/Replace or Delete.

Add/Replace : Add the newly entered values or replace the previously entered values.

Delete : Delete the entered values. Data entry is not required when deleting.

Property No.

Section property number for the box member for which the strength is be verified.

....png : Use this button to modify the sectional shape and dimensions of the member. Display the Section for Design dialog box. Refer to "Section for Design..." for the descriptions.

Box Section

Display the section data of the box member.

H : Height of the steel section.

B : Width of the steel section.

tw : Thickness of the web.

tf1 : Thickness of the first flange.

Cw : Distance between the centers of the composing webs (B-tw).

tf2 : Thickness of the second flange

Longitudinal Stiffeners

Enter the data for the longitudinal stiffeners

Width(Bstf) : Width of the stiffener

Thickness(Tstf) : Thickness of the stiffener

Transverse Stiffeners

Enter the data for the transverse stiffeners.

Spacing(Astf) : Spacing of the transverse stiffeners

Box Section

Enter the number of panels separated by the longitudinal stiffeners.

Flange Side(Noy) : Number of panels on the flange side separated by the longitudinal stiffeners

Web Side(Noz) : Number of panels on the web side separated by the longitudinal stiffeners

apply.png : Apply the entered values to the selected members.

close.png : Close the entry Dialog Bar.

NOTE.png (1)
Apply only when the design code is KSCE-ASD96 (Allowable Stress Design of the Specifications for Roadway Bridges - Steel Bridges of the Korean Society of Civil Engineers).

NOTE.png (2)
When the longitudinal/transversal stiffener data are repeatedly entered for the same members, the values will be updated to the last values entered.

NOTE.png (3)
The entered data for the longitudinal stiffeners can be reviewed in the data table arranged in the order of section property numbers. The user may Modify/Add and Delete items in the data table.

Access the data table following the procedure noted below.

From the Main Menu select Design > Steel Design Parameter > Steel Design Tables > Longitudinal Stiffener of Box Section.
From the Tables tab of the Tree Menu select Design Tables > Steel Design Table > Longitudinal Stiffener of Box Section.

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