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Column Section Data for Design


  • Enter the section dimensions including the covers and rebar data for RC column members to be applied to section design.




From the main menu, select [Design] tab > [Type : RC Design] > [Rebar] group > [Rebar Input for Design] > [Column Section]



First, select the members in the model and enter the following data:

Section List

Select the column sections for design.

ID : Column section numbers for which section design will be carried out

NAME : Column Section Names for which section design will be carried out

Bar : When the concrete cover and stirrup data are entered for the column members being considered for section design, "O" will appear.

Click ....png to modify the sectional shape and dimensions and display the Section for Design dialog box (refer to "Section for Design").

Section Data

(refer to NOTE.png (1))

Display the section data for the column members.

Shape : Sectional shape of the members

B : Width of the section

H : Height (depth) of the section (diameter in the case of a circular section)

Covering Thickness

Dc: Cover distance from the surface to the center of the main reinforcing steel (refer to NOTE.png (2))

Tied/Spiral Bar

Size : Hoop rebar standard size

Number : Number of shear reinforcement legs

Add/Replace : Add the newly entered rebar data of the selected section or update the previously entered data.

Delete : Delete the entered rebar data of the selected section.

Cancel : Do not apply the entered data and close the dialog box

NOTE.png (1)
The dimensions entered for the analysis model determine the height (H) and width (B) of the rectangular sections (Shape = Rectangle). The sectional shape of the column members defined in the analysis model must be of such types as rectangle, circle, track or octagon. (refer to "Section for Design").

From the Main Menu select Design > Section for Design

NOTE.png (2)
Enter the cover dimensions of the main rebars placed in the outer layers of the beam members. When the covers are not specified, (Dt = 0, Db = 0), section design will not proceed.

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