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Longitudinal Reinforcement


  • Enter the longitudinal (element local axis direction) reinforcement data for the deck of the Composite Section. The longitudinal reinforcement data entered here will only be considered for design and not for analysis.
  • Input of longitudinal reinforcement is identical to Section Manager (Properties > Section Manger >Reinforcement ).
  • The reinforcement can be considered for analysis by defining the reinforcement using the Section Manager (Properties > Section Manger >Reinforcement ).
  • Cracked Section properties can also be considered for analysis using the Section Manager ( Properties > Section Manger >Reinforcement ).



From the Main Menu select [Design] > [Composite Design] > [Longitudinal Reinforcement]



Target Section & Element

Select a steel Composite Section ID for which reinforcement will be entered. Sections other than Composite Sections do not appear in the List.


Copy Reinforcements to...

Select a composite section of any inputted reinforcement and copy the reinforcement to any other composite section.

Section List : List of composite sections

Selected Section List : Select the composite sections to which the previously inputted reinforcement data will be copied.

Longitudinal Reinforcement : Copy the longitudinal reinforcement of the selected i-end or j-end.

Reinforced Shear : Since the shear reinforcements are not provided to the Steel composite section, they cannot be selected.


The Rebar data can be entered either as per the AASHTO Code ( in the # format) or in the Eurocode format (in the P10 .. format). The selection of what to use can be done in Tools -> Preferences.

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