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Longitudinal Stiffener


  • Define the Longitudinal Stiffener in the Steel part.




From the main menu select main menu, select [Design] tab > [Type : Steel Composite Design] > [Design Input Data] group > [Design Parameters] > [Longitudinal Stiffener]



dialog box.png

Longitudinal Stiffener


Target Section & Element

Select a Section for which the parts are to be defined.


Both end parts (I&J) have the same Design Group

Specify whether the I and j ends have the same stiffener data.


Reference Part

The reference part is the location from where you want to specify the location of the Stiffener.



Specify the position of the stiffener location from the Reference point.


Distance from Ref.

Specify the distance of the stiffener from the starting point.



Specify the number of the stiffeners.


Stiffener Tye

Specify the stiffener type by clicking on ....png



The stiffness of the Longitudinal Stiffeners are not considered in the analysis and hence if it is desired, the user must increase the stiffness of the section by the use of section stiffness scale factor.


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