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Transverse Stiffener


  • Enter the transverse stiffener data.
  • Select the composite section property for which transverse stiffener data will be entered and enter the required data in the dialog box. Composite sections having different transverse stiffeners should be inputted separately.

For steel composite rating as per AASHTO LRFD, if a single composite section has n (assumed integer) different transverse stiffeners depending upon the position of the section then, n number of composite sections need to be defined in the section properties dialog box with different section ID but the same section properties.



From the main menu, select [Rating] tab > [Type : Steel Bridge] > [Steel Bridge : AASHTO] >  [Rating Input Data] group > [Rating Parameters] > [Transverse Stiffener]



Target Section & Element

Select a steel Composite Section ID for which transverse stiffener will be entered. Sections other than Composite Sections do not appear in this List


Transverse Stiffener

Select the box before 'Web' to define the stiffener in the web of steel composite section selected from the Target Section & Element List.

Click on ....png to input the transverse stiffener parameters:

Stiffener Type : Choose the type of stiffener. Flat type and Tee type stiffeners are supported in midas Civil.

One or Two Stiffener : Choose between one or two stiffeners. The two stiffener option is available for I/Box/Tub sections.

Fy : Yield Strength of transverse stiffener. Yield Strength can be entered as per the grade of steel chosen from code by clicking on ....png or the value can be entered manually.

Pitch : Pitch refers to transverse stiffener spacing. At the strength limit state, this can be used to distinguish between
stiffened and unstiffened webs or calculate shear strength of the web.

H : height of transverse stiffener

B : width of transverse stiffener

t : thickness of Flat type transverse stiffener

tw : thickness of web for Tee type transverse stiffener

tf : thickness of flange for Tee type transverse stiffener


Click Apply to save the transverse stiffener data input.


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