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Lateral Spacing of Beams


  • Enter the lateral spacing length of beams data.
  • Select elements and enter the spacing between beams in the dialog box. This input is used to calculate k1, the flexural stiffness of the cracked concrete or composite slab in the direction transverse to the steel beam, given in A2.1.5 of CS 457.



From the main menu, select [Rating] tab > [Type : Steel Bridge] > [Assessment Code : CS454/20] > [Assessment Input Data] group > [Assessment Parameters] > [Lateral Spacing of Beams]



First, select the elements in the model and enter the following data:

Both end parts (i & j) have the same data : Check the box if the I-end and J-end will have the identical data.

Lateral Spacing of Beams

Spacing between the parallel beam (a) : Specify Spacing between the parallel beams.

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