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Web Panel Assignment


  • A web panel may consist of one element or more elements. Assign a Web Panel to the selected elements. This function is used to find the maximum bending moment and shear force within the length of the panel according to clauses and 9.11.3 of BS5400:3.



From the main menu, select [Rating] tab > [Type : Steel Bridge] > [Assessment Code : CS454/20] > [Assessment Input Data] group > [Assessment Parameters] > [Web Panel Assignment]




Add/Replace : A new group can be defined or an existing group can be modified. 

Delete : Existing groups can be deleted. You may either select the groups to be deleted from the model window or the element list window.

Web Panel

Allow Single Element Panel: Check on this option to permit a single element to be assigned as a web panel.


Figure 1. Case1 when the 'Allow Single Element Panel' option is applied.



Figure 2. Case 2 when two or three elements are assigned as a web panel.

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