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Bridge Load Design Result Tables Created Edited

Shear Strength


  • Displays the critical condition of the shear strength as per the Strength Limit State of Bridge Load Rating Design.



From the main menu, select [Rating] tab > [Type : PSC Bridge] > [Results] group > [Rating Result Tables] > [Shear Strength Rating Detail]



Shear Strength Table.jpg

Shear Strength

Group : User Specified element group name.

Elem. : Designed element.

Part : The Location of the member [node or node].

Rating Case : The design condition that will generate corresponding member results.

LRFD Resistance Factor : Resistance factor determined as per equation of AASHTO-LRFD Bridge Design Specifications.

System Factor : The strength reduction factor inputted in Bridge Load Rating Parameter.

Rating Factor : Minimum Rating Factor.

Check : Evaluation of Bridge Load Rating Design in terms of Shear Strength.

If the result does not satisfy the standard specification of design, then it is displayed in red.

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