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Torsion Reserve Factors Table


  • Generate a table summarizing the structural adequacy factor for the torsion resistance of the members based on the assessment checks for ULS.
  • Torsion check is only performed for the closed section, i.e. non-composite box section, composite box section. Reserve factors for torsion are not provided in the current version.



From the main menu, select [Rating] tab > [Type : PSC Bridge] > [PSC Bridge : CS454/20] > [Result] group > [Assessment Result Tables] > [Torsion Reserve Factors Table]




Element : Element ID

Part : The i- or j-end of the element, giving the Node ID at that end in square brackets [Node ID]

Rating Case : The relevant Load Combinations for Assessment. Assessment check is performed for 12 sets of concurrent forces for each load combination.

v : Shear stress.

vt : Torsional shear stress.

vtu : Ultimate shear stress.

y1 : Larger center-line dimension of a link.

vtu(y1/550) : Ultimate shear stress of small sections.

A : Structural Adequacy – calculated as the assessment resistance over the assessment load effects ( vtu/(v+vt) ).

Check : An overall indication whether the section passed all checks and is OK or Not Good (NG)


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