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MSS Bridge Created Edited

MSS Bridge Wizard


  • The Wizard automatically generates the model data of a PSC box bridge constructed by an MSS, Movable Scaffolding System, by entering simple variables. The data include elements, boundary conditions, tendon placement, construction stages, etc. for a bridge composed of PSC (prestressed or post-tensioned Concrete) Box sections.

NOTE.png The input data in MSS Bridge Wizard are saved in the corresponding dialog boxes once the Wizard is executed normally. We can recall the input data after closing the Wizard and subsequently check, modify and re-execute the Wizard. In addition, Wizard data can be saved as a file with .wzd extension, which can be recalled even after closing the program.

NOTE.png A "Two Cell" type section can be defined, which as a 2 cell PSC (prestressed or post-tensioned concrete) Box section. Moreover, the section at supports can be defined separately from the Diaphragm of the Section tab.

NOTE.png MSS (Movable Scaffolding System) and traditionally shored FSM (Full Staging Method) are separated from the previously combined wizard.



From the main menu, select [Structure] tab > [PSC Bridge] group > [PSC Box Bridge] > [MSS Bridge]



Structure-Wizard-MSS Bridge-Model.png

MSS Bridge Wizard Model dialog box


Bridge Model Data Type

Select a Data Input Type.

Type 1

Define PSC Box Section and tendon layout in conformity with the form provided by the Wizard.

Type 2

Recall the PSC Box Section and tendon layout that has been defined by the user manually.

When Type 2 is selected, the user can define multi-Cell Section and straight and curved tendon layout.


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