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PSC Bridge - Span Information


  • Span Information is required for inputting the variation of the section and reinforcement in the primary direction, and also for automatically generating the effective width.
  • Span Information contains the information about the number and location of end supports and interior supports, and the span length. Since the program does not acknowledge the intuitive information of the span and girder, the user should define the span information which contains the components of span and girder.



From the main menu, select [Structure] tab > [PSC Bridge] group > [PSC Bridge Option] > [Span Information]



Structure-Wizard-PSC Bridge-Span Information.png


Girder Name

Enter Girder Name for Span Information.


Assign Element

By Selection : Select the elements forming the girder in Model View.

Number : Enter the number of each element forming the girder.

Click on Add/Replace button after selecting the element to display a spreadsheet containing numbers, lengths, and supports of the element. If the element contains a support at i-th node then 'I' is displayed in the support column. If the bridge support is defined with a different boundary condition, then the user should specify at the corresponding location whether it is i-th nodal support or j-th nodal support.

The x-axis of the girders element should be consistent.

If the local coordinate axis is changed or if the element is deleted later, the entire span information is discarded and the user should define the span information once again.

Span by Element Length : This shows the cumulative length of the elements that are selected.

Exact Span : The user defines the span information. In this case, the program uses the user defined value (Exact Span) for calculating the length from the start of the bridge, which is used for the variation of section, reinforcement information, auto calculation of effective width, etc.

When using the user-inputted span length information, the method for calculating the distance from the bridge reference point to a specific location is as follows.


Inner Direction of Multiple Girder

When calculating the effective depth of Tee type section, this option is selected to clarify the location of each side flange. Knowing which side the cantilever flange and inner flange is located is critical to calculate the effective length. Therefore, the user needs to indicate the side for the direction of inner flange.  


Girder Information

No : Number of girders that are defined

Name : Name of the defined girder

Element List : Element list for the defined girder

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