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Scale Nodes


  • Magnify or reduce the distances between nodes by a given ratio in each axis direction.



From the main menu, select [Node/Element] tab > [Node Detail] group > [Edit Nodes] > [Scale]



NodeElement-Nodes-Scale Nodes.png

Scale Nodes dialog box


Click to the right of Scale Nodes

Display the Node Table


Start Node Number

Not applicable for this command.


Scale Factors

Enter the scale factors for each direction.

sfx : Scale factor for the x-direction


sfy : Scale factor for the y-direction


sfz : Scale factor for the z-direction


Scale About

Assign a reference point of magnification or reduction.

UCS Origin : UCS origin point


GCS Origin : GCS origin point


Average : Average of the coordinates of the relevant nodes in each direction


Center : Arithmetic mean of the maximum and minimum coordinates among the targeted nodes


User : Enter the coordinates of a reference point


Selection Type

All : Apply to all the entered nodes


By Selection : Apply only to the selected nodes

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