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Section Manager - Stress Points


  • Calculate the equivalent cross-sectional area considering the Tendon and Reinforcement.
  • Has improved the ease of inputting reinforcement for PSC, Composite Steel-I, and Composite Steel-Box sections.
  • Support the capability to input arbitrary stress points for various cross-sections.



From the main menu, select [Properties] tab > [Section Properties] group > [Section Manager] > [Stiffness]



Stress Points can be defined at any position for the section types of DB, PSC / PSC Value, Tapered Section, Composite Section, General and Composite General Section.

Stress Points can be defined at Part2 of the Composite Section.

Properties-Section-Section Manager-Stress Points.png

Section Manager dialog box(Stress Point)


Centroid: When Centroid is selected, the Centroid becomes ( 0, 0 ).

Left-Bottom: When Left-Bottom is selected, the Left-Bottom becomes ( 0, 0 ).

Stress Point

Stress Check Points of the section are displayed. (Read Only)

NOTE.png For the PSC Type, ten Stress Check Points (including Shear Check Points Z1, Z2, and Z3) are displayed. For other types, four Stress Check Points are displayed.

Additional Stress Point

Additional Stress Point can be input up to n points, and when input, modified, or deleted in the Table, it will be updated in the View.

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