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Change General Link Property


  • Define a General Link to be applied to Boundary Change Assignment to Load Cases/Analyses, which is a function applying different Boundary Group Combinations for different load cases or analyses.

  • The function is used to apply each General Link for different Analysis Conditions with only one model, and applied by load case types or analysis types in the Analysis > Boundary Change Assignment to Load Cases/Analyses.

  • Except for General Link, boundary conditions can be activated or inactivated by load cases/analyses in the Boundary Change Assignment to Load Cases/Analyses. For this reason, General Link Property changes should be defined in the Change General Link Properties and the changes can be applied in the Boundary Change Assignment to Load Cases/Analyses.

  • This cannot be applicable in construction stage analysis.

  • The application of this function can be checked in the Model View by checking Change General Link of Display > Boundary.




From the main menu, select [Boundary] tab > [Links] group > [General Link] > [Change General Link Property]



Boundary-tables-boundary tables-Change General Link Property.png


Boundary Group Name

Select a Boundary Group to which the entered Boundary Change will be assigned.



Add/Replace : Enter or replace General Links.

Delete : Delete previously entered General Links.

2 Nodes : Select the two nodes defining the location of a General Link Element.

General Link Number : Enter a General Link Number, which has been previously generated.


General Link Property

Name : Select a General Link Property to be applied after change.

Type : General Link Property Type selected above will be displayed.

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