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Nodal Body Force


  • Convert Nodal Mass, Load to Mass and Structure Mass assigned to a selected node to a nodal (body) force in a specific direction. The scale factor (Mass × g × Factor) can be applied in each direction. This is useful to apply load according to the mass distribution to each node in the pushover analysis.



From the main menu, select [Load] tab > [Type : Static Loads] > [Masses] group > [Nodal Body Force]



dialog box.png


Load Case Name

Assign the load case name. Click the ... button to the right to enter additional load cases and modify or delete existing load cases.


Nodes for Nodal Body Force

Use Structure Group : Select the nodes for nodal body force from the existing structural group.  Click the ... button to the right to add or modify a structure group.


Node List : Enter the node numbers directly or select the nodes from the screen.


Masses to be Converted

Select the type of masses to be converted.

Nodal Mass 


Load to Mass


Structure Mass


Nodal Body Force Factor

X : Scale Factor in X-direction of GCS.


Y : Scale Factor in Y-direction of GCS.


Z : Scale Factor in Z-direction of GCS.

NOTE.png Multiple Nodal Body Force Factors can be inputted for a single Load Case. Additionally, the Nodal Body Force table allows you to check the applied body forces at each node. The applied body forces at the same node are represented separately for each coefficient in the Model View and table, expressing the respective loads.



Select the relevant case from the list at the bottom of the dialog box, modify the entry field at the top and click the Modify. Select the relevant load case from the list at the bottom of the dialog box and click the Delete.

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