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Moving Load Created Edited

Moving Load Code


  • Prior to defining moving load, Code must be selected first from Moving Load Analysis Data > Moving Load Code.



From the main menu, select [Load] tab > [Type : Moving Load] > [Moving Load Code] group > [Moving Load Code]



Load-Moving Load-Moving load code.png

Moving Load Code dialog box


NOTE.png The following codes are provided:

[AASHTO Standard, AASHTO LRFD, AASHTO LRFD (PENNDOT), Canada, BS, EUROCODE, Australia, Russia, Poland, South Africa]

Also available are Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Taiwanese & Korean Codes, and Transverse Moving Load.

NOTE.png Transverse Moving Load is not limited to specific countries. This is used for performing moving load analysis on a transverse bridge model.

NOTE.png Once a particular Code is selected, all the dialog boxes related to moving load change accordingly.

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