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Settlement Analysis Data Created Edited

Settlement Group


  • For analyses considering support settlement loads in bridge structures, specify settlement groups within which supports settle simultaneously.



From the main menu, select [Load] tab > [Type : Settlement] > [Settlement Analysis Data] group > [Settlement Group]



Load-settlement etc-settlement analysis data-Settlement group.png

Settlement Group dialog box


Settlement Group

Group Name

Enter the name of a support settlement group.


Settlement Displacement

Enter the magnitude of the settled displacement for supports.


Node List

Enter the points that you want to include in the settlement group. You can select them from the Model View or enter them manually.

If you define a Settlement Group for a node without DZ-direction constraints, it will automatically apply DZ constraints during the analysis. This constraint will affect not only the settlement load case but also all defined load cases/load combinations.



Add : Add the data entered in Group Name, Settlement Displacement and Node List in the support settlement group list.


Modify : Modify the contents of a support settlement group entered in the list.


Delete : Delete a support settlement group entered in the list.

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