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Query Elements


  • Query information on elements such as connecting nodes and all types of attributes (load cases, boundary conditions).



From the main menu, select [Node/Element] tab > [Query] group > [Query Elements]

Shortcut key[Ctrl]+[F4]



In the modeling area, select the member first, and then enter the following.

Query-Query-Query Elements.png

Query Element dialog box


Assign a query item from the list.

Element Number

Element : Element material property, section or thickness number, connecting nodes, length or area, etc.

Beam End Release : End release conditions  

Beam End Offset : Beam connection offsets at a column

Plate End Relese : Release conditions for the plate's nodes

Beam Load 

Pressure Load 

Prestress : Pre-stress load

Pretension : Pretension load

Temperature Gradient : Temperature gradient load

Element Number

NOTE.png Directly enter the element number to be queried in the entry field, or click the entry field and the relevant element in the working window. The following messages will appear in the Message Window by attributes.

NOTE.png The basic attributes of the elements can be easily checked with Fast Query. Fast Query displays the basic attributes related to a node or an element snapped in the Model Window in a Bubble Tip. Fast Query outline the following characteristics.

Element : Element number

Type : Element type

Material ID : Material number

Property ID : Property (thickness) number

Beta Angle : Element orientation

Node Connectivity : Connection nodes

Element Length

Element Area

Element Volume

Element Weight

Angle to the Global Plane[XY, XZ, YZ] : Angle of beam element with respect to the global coordinate system

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