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Transverse Model Created Edited

Transverse Analysis Model Wizard


  • Automatically generate a transverse analysis model from the frame of a bridge in the primary direction. Upon selecting a point in the primary direction, the Wizard generates a 2 dimensional Frame model, which intersects the point. And this generates the section properties for analysis. In addition to the geometrical section properties, the user can also assign loads (such as dead load, live load, etc), tendons and reinforcement to the elements.



From the main menu, select [Structure] tab > [PSC Bridge] group > [PSC Box Bridge] > [Transverse Model]



Structure-Wizard-Transverse Model.png

Transverse Analysis Model Wizard dialog box


Select Position


Select elements for which transverse models will be created.

Grillage Model (PSC-T shape only)

When using a Tee-section grillage model, its design should consider the transverse section of the entire bridge. By selecting this option, the program creates a transverse section for the entire bridge. However, this only applies to the PSC Tee-girder sections.

After selecting this option, if the user selects the elements that compose the transverse section in a particular order, the program automatically generates the entire transverse section by connecting the sections in the order they were selected.


A sequence of selected elements


A transverse model of a bridge composed of multiple Tee-shaped girders


Select the node position (or node) for creating the transverse section model.  By clicking on the Add button after selecting the elements and position, the selected elements are listed, and the transverse frame appears in the View Dialog box for preview.

The preview is useful for inputting tendons and reinforcement. X indicated under the data part of the list indicates that the information for creating the transverse model has not been entered. After entering the information in Model, Load and Tendon & Reinforcement tabs, and clicking on the Define button, O is displayed, which signifies that the transverse model is ready to be generated.




Displays the assigned sections of the selected element. The data inputted in Transverse Analysis Model Wizard (Model, Load, and Tendon & Reinforcement) should be based on the shape indicated in the Section.


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